001: Tawara An Retreat

Description :
We propose a narrow and yet abundant resort that entertains one group of guests per day, where they can enjoy the passing of time in a series of choreographed spaces in this traditional Kyoto Machiya.
Creator :


Narrow Resort





A “Narrow Resort “

“Kyoto Machiyas” are ancient Japanese houses designed for luxurious living within a small plot of land in the heart of Kyoto City. They are known for the embodiment of multiple sense of beauty, designed to curate a variety of experience within limited space. Unfortunately, Machiyas have been vanishing over the years, and “Tawara-an” is one extremely rare example where most of the characteristics of a Kyoto Machiya had been preserved.

The “Tawara-an” site is narrow and deep, with multiple rooms and courtyards placed adjacent to one another, connected by an elongated corridor courtyard. Taking advantage of such unique spatial composition, we wanted to give each space a distinctive character that suggests a certain part of “Japanese Nature”, exemplifying the Japanese aesthetics of colors and shadows.

We propose to transform this well-preserved Machiya into a collective spatial experience, choreographed for guests to enjoy anytime of the day. It will be a resort for one group of guests, equipped with a private chef and butler, providing exclusive services that will be unique to this narrow and yet abundant resort. The guests can choose to spend their time freely in any given space at any given time, enjoying the connection between the space and nature’s timeless beauty,




The name “HÜNE” came from the concept of the “Human Nest”. We want to create novel environments where one can truly behave like a human being, by freeing ourselves from all architectural preconceptions and establish newfound values.
HÜNE is a licensed architectural design office led by Tamaki Kota and Julia Li. With diverse experience acquired both locally in Japan and Worldwide, we offer a wide range of design services and aim to produce designs that are truly irreplaceable and unique.






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