002: 【Sold】Ginza 8-chome Building

Description :
The goal is to create an architecture that will be needed forever in the district of Ginza. The building will be named the Ginza Infinity Building "GINZA INFINITY BLD" (tentative name)) with the idea of infinite possibilities.
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Since we live on the earth, there is a global need to take care of the environment.
Nature, including sunlight, wind, plants and other life forms, is changing daily. By incorporating them into our lives, we can improve our health and creativity. It also leads to energy conservation.
The architecture and creativity we are trying to create is to incorporate natural materials into buildings in an appropriate way. We will recycle man-made materials, return natural materials to the soil, reduce the consumption of earth resources, and preserve the environment. This proposal is to realize in the Ginza 8-chome Building the way of “architecture × environment × health” so that we can continue to be aware of and think about the environment and health ourselves in a sustainable manner.

  • Ginza is a "town of tradition and innovation" lined with historical architecture of universal value and the latest architecture that is unique and rich in design. And architectural design is undergoing a period of change. Ginza is lined with many offices, restaurants, and boutiques, and is also a place where a wide range of people gather due to its easy access to Shimbashi and Ginza stations.We will focus not only on the design of buildings but also on how they are used, and propose the creation of a system that will be sustainable for the next 100 years.

  • Facade Concept A "Ecological" - Minimize the extent of new construction by utilizing the existing building frame and finishing materials. Exterior materials will be reused, and the sleeve walls visible from the curtain wall will be made of recyclable wood to unify the image. For machinery and other equipment not visible from the façade, the actual energy consumption will be assessed and priorities for reduction will be determined, with the aim of creating a building that specializes in energy conservation.

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  • Façade Concept B "Connect" - The entire building is covered with a transparent mesh that gently curves. We aim to create a landmark building with a delicate and symbolic façade of continuous arches that will serve as a bridge between people and the local community.

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  • First floor usage The entrance facing Ginza-dori will have a high ceiling (4m) to create an open space that will catch the eye of people passing through Ginza. A café on the first floor and a gallery on the basement floor will create a synergistic effect by using the first floor as an exhibition space and encouraging traffic flow from the first floor to the basement floor. In Ginza, most boutiques are located on the first floor. However, the reason why we dared to add a café was because we focused on the current moderate size and the flow line of people.

  • 1F Cafe From the elevator hall to the entrance We create a beautiful space that is a cross between a cafe and an art space. Natural wood, terrazzo, and metal are the typical materials used to create a sense of visual beauty and luxury. In addition to the high ceilings, the space is accentuated with indirect lighting, artificial lighting, and furniture to make the art stand out. In consideration of visibility from the street, the height of the fixtures is kept to a height that does not obstruct the line of sight.

  • B1F Gallery From the entrance to the café The café service area is located at the back of the building on a diagonal line from the entrance, intentionally directing the flow of people to the back of the building. The café service area is located at the back of the building, diagonally opposite the entrance. In addition, the use of wood on the walls creates a sense of connection to the main street, and the image of the building takes root in people's memories.

  • Uses for each area.  "The aim is to create a building complex that integrates functions that take into consideration people's health and the environment. A sense of unity will be created in the design and use of the building depending on the desire of the lessor, and a synergistic effect of similar uses will be expected through a "planned arrangement of functions (uses)" suitable for the environment of each area.

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PASSE ARCHITECT is a first-class architectural firm based in Kobe, Japan.
We aim to "create things" from a broad perspective. We create five kinds of things: architecture, interior design, graphics, installation, and dance. Sometimes we create new things, and sometimes we make effective use of existing things. We believe that our role is to propose the necessary elements for the place and things.






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