002: 【Sold】Ginza 8-chome Building

Description :
A proposal to dress a building with a moving drape. The drape creates soft expressions through the sun and breeze, like a theatre curtain preparing the streets for a performance.
Creator :





In one of the most buzzing streets of Ginza is a worn-down apparel building that existed for over 20 years. This building in its prime location deserves a new life and identity that surpasses Ginza’s glamorous qualities.

A lot has changed over the two decades in commercial architecture, and changes will most certainly continue. We see an opportunity for this 20-year-old building to put on a new “dress”, a dress that moves and changes with time, putting it in spotlight on the stage of Ginza.

Instead of large-scale construction to transform the existing building, we wanted to keep our intervention to the minimum, and cover the entire building with a large drape. The drape dances elegantly with the wind, and its gentle and loose form changes expression when it receives light from different angles. The outer drape can be slowly pulled up like a theatre curtain, revealing a multistoried “stage” that is wrapped with a translucent veil. The existing building is being given life, breathing, and moving like a living creature. From the streets of Ginza, the passersby will be moved with anticipation, wondering what goes on beneath the drapes, and what “performance” might they witness tonight.

We would not like the building to become a mere display case, which exists everywhere today in Ginza. Instead, we want to add the element of “movement” and “time” to preserve the elegance, mystery, and grandeur of the truly dazzling streets of Ginza.

  • Realization image video. Created by HUNE using the 23 wards of Tokyo version of the 3D city model (Project PLATEAU) provided by Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.




The name “HÜNE” came from the concept of the “Human Nest”. We want to create novel environments where one can truly behave like a human being, by freeing ourselves from all architectural preconceptions and establish newfound values.
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