002: 【Sold】Ginza 8-chome Building

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Ginza has embraced the various changes of the times and has moved forward with great strength. It is a district that has taken on the sign of "Japan's No. 1 commercial city" and is competing with each other to move upward, and is losing sight of its destination. And now, the social structure is changing drastically under the influence of the new virus. We will stop here and think about the future of Ginza by unraveling its history and what it really is.
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今、ここで一度立ち止まり、本来の銀座の姿とは何か、 人々が求め、地球やその土地、そして未来が求めている ものは、何なのか、 私たちノンスケールはまずそこから議論をはじめた。


その後、江戸時代には銀座8丁目に能役者の広大な屋敷が佇み、金春通りと名付けられた路地には芸者衆が行き交っていた 。新しいもの好きの芸者衆はこの場所で寝食をし、様々な流行を生み出していた 。




ここで生まれ、ここからはじまる From 8

「憧れの銀座 」で自分の街のように暮らせるサービスアパートメントや「日本一の商業都市、銀座」での起業が叶うコワーキングスペース、「せせらぎが響き、自然豊かな昔の銀座」を彷彿させる屋上菜園や水耕栽培。銀座という街の様々な背景を引き継ぎ、新しい物語が描かれていく。さまざまな人のスタートラインになる ようなそんな場所をイメージした 。


LIVING -銀座に住まう-
海外の人からも知名度が高い「憧れの 銀座」そんな銀座で「自分の街のように暮らす」を叶えるサービスアパートメント。長期滞在をすることにより、街に対する愛着心を醸成することをイメージ 。東京駅などの主要駅に近い銀座、どこへでも気軽に出かけて、気軽に帰ることができるので、仕事もプライベートもスムーズな移動が実現 。居室には移動式 家具を配置し、寝食に加えて、室内で仕事もできる仕様。コロナ禍で顕在化した仕事場の需要にも応える 。

CO-WORKING -銀座で起業する-
「日本一の商業都市」銀座で、「起業」が叶うコワーキングスペース。人と人が繋がり、集まり、新しい気づきが共有される、新しいワーキングコミュニティが創り出されることを目指している。仕事の休憩にふらりと外に出れば、老舗百貨店に海外のハイブランド、高級レストランなど、日本の最先端の店がたくさん。最新の商品や知識に触れ 、インプットすることができる。

FARMING -銀座で育む-
「せせらぎが響き、自然豊かな昔の銀座」を彷彿させる屋上菜園や水耕栽培。ほっと落ち着く自然のなかで自分の手で食物を育てることができる。またそこでつくりだしたものをオリジナルブランドとして発信することができる 。



銀座という 都会の中で、くつろぎの場を提供する

– 外観 –
エレガントな鉄のフレームに温かみのある 木材を組み合わせることによって、 銀座の街に馴染みながらも、自宅にいるかのような柔らかい印象を与えるデザインにした 。敷地内には緑を多く配置。窓の内側には坪庭から着想を得て植栽を施し、室内にある緑が建物の外、そして銀座の街全体に連動していく ことを イメージ している 。

– 内装 –
全体的に落ち着いたトーンのカラーを採用し、素材には木や土、漆喰を使用。照度についてもリビングにいるような温かみのある質感に仕上げ、柔ら か さやくつろぎが体現されるような空間を目指した。

– サービスアパートメントの居室 –
限られた空間の中で最大限の活用ができるように 、移動式 家具を採用している 。キッチンとそれ以外の空間で、床を 一段立ち上げ、部屋の中にもうひとつ特別な部屋をつくるイメージでゾーン分けを行った。天井から机やベッドが降りてきて、寝室、リビング、書斎へと変化する 。


Ginza has undergone various changes with the times.

From the days when it was lined with long-established department stores, foreign high brands, and high-end restaurants, Ginza has moved on a bit and is now a mix of fast fashion and stores for the masses. Carrying the signboard of “Japan’s No. 1 commercial district,” the city competes with each other to move upward, and its destination is becoming unclear. And now, the social structure is changing drastically due to the effects of the new virus that we are facing right now.

We at Non-Scale stopped here and started discussing what the true Ginza should be, what the people want, and what the earth, its land, and its future require.

What is the original landscape of Ginza, far removed from the glamorous landscape of today?

As we searched for traces of Ginza in various documents, we found the original landscape of Ginza with its gentle air and murmuring river banks. It is said that in such a Ginza district, people relaxed in their own way while looking at the river.
Later, in the Edo period, the vast mansions of Noh actors stood in Ginza 8-chome, and the alleyways named Kaneharu-dori were frequented by geisha. The geisha, who loved new things, slept and ate here and created various trends.



The shape of Ginza required in the future. What do we at Non-scale have in mind?

Born here, started here From 8

“A serviced apartment that allows you to live in the “Ginza of your dreams” as if it were your own town, a coworking space that allows you to start a business in “Ginza, the most commercial district in Japan,” a rooftop vegetable garden and hydroponic cultivation that reminds you of the “old Ginza with its murmuring streams and rich nature. Taking over the various backgrounds of Ginza, a new story is being drawn. I imagined a place that would be a starting point for many different people.



LIVING – Living in Ginza
This is a serviced apartment that allows you to “live like it’s your own” in Ginza, a district that is well known even among people from overseas. The idea is to foster a sense of attachment to the district through long-term stays. Ginza is close to Tokyo Station and other major stations, so you can easily go anywhere and return home, making your work and private life smoother. The rooms are furnished with movable furniture, so in addition to sleeping and eating, people can also work indoors. This will meet the demand for workplaces that has emerged from the Corona disaster.

CO-WORKING – Starting a business in Ginza
“A coworking space where you can start a business in Ginza, Japan’s largest commercial district. The goal is to create a new working community where people can connect, gather, and share new insights. If you take a break from work and wander outside, you will find many of Japan’s most advanced stores, including long-established department stores, foreign high brands, and high-end restaurants. It’s a great place to get in touch with the latest products and knowledge, and get input.

FARMING – Nurturing in Ginza
“Rooftop vegetable gardens and hydroponic cultivation reminiscent of the “Ginza of old, with its murmuring streams and rich nature. You can grow food with your own hands in a relaxing natural environment. You will also be able to produce your own original brand of products.



Providing a place to relax in the city of Ginza

– Exterior –
The elegant steel frame is combined with warm wood to create a design that blends in well with the Ginza district, yet gives a soft impression of being at home. A lot of greenery is arranged in the site. The inside of the windows are planted with plants inspired by tsuboniwa (a small garden in a courtyard), creating the image that the greenery inside the building is linked to the outside of the building and the entire Ginza district.

– Interior design-
The overall color palette is subdued, and the materials used are wood, earth, and plaster. The lighting has a warm texture, just like in a living room, and the aim is to create a space that embodies softness and relaxation.

– A serviced apartment room-
In order to maximize the use of the limited space, mobile furniture was used. The kitchen and the rest of the space are divided into zones by raising the floor one level to create a special room within the room. A desk and a bed come down from the ceiling and transform the room into a bedroom, a living room, and a study.

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